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About Data Miners Inc.

Data Miners is a consultancy that brings together several of the world's foremost experts in applying advanced data mining techniques to generate true business intelligence. Since our founding in 1998, we have helped leading companies around the world improve customer retention, increase customer value, forecast subscriber levels, identify customer segments, increase response rates to direct marketing, and turn customer data into a truly valuable resource. We help our clients to form learning relationships with their customers. In a learning relationship, you learn a bit more about your customers with each transaction and use what you learn to serve them better. The result is happier, more loyal, more profitable customers.

Some call what we do "applied statistics." Some call it "analytics." Some even call it "super crunching." We call it data mining, but whatever you call it, it's what you need to compete on analytics.

Our Principals:

Michael J. A. Berry
Michael Berry

Gordon Linoff
Gordon Linoff

Brij Masand
Brij Masand

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