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Michael J. A. Berry

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A founder of Data Miners, Michael is no longer involved in its day-to-day activities. He does continue to contibute to the blog.

Together with his colleague, Gordon Linoff, Michael Berry is author of some of the most widely read and respected books on data mining. These best sellers in the field have been translated into many languages. Michael is an active practitioner of data mining. His books reflect many years of practical, hands-on experience down in the data mines.

A data mining educator as well as a consultant, Michael has taught marketing analytics in the MBA program at Boston College's Carroll School of Management. He is also in demand as a keynote speaker and seminar leader in the area of data mining generally and the application of data mining to customer relationship management in particular.

Prior to founding Data Miners in December, 1997, Michael spent 8 years at Thinking Machines Corporation. There he specialized in the application of massively parallel supercomputing techniques to business and marketing applications, including one of the largest database marketing systems of the time. He is currently Director of Analytics at Tripadvisor for Business, the B2B side of Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel website.

Representative Engagements:

  • Building a "best next offer" recommendation system to improve cross selling for a large US bank.
  • Analyzing the performance of competing acquisition channels over time.
  • Performing customer segmentation based on behavioral and demographic variables.
  • Building a model to score the profit potential of any geographic area in the United States for a property and casualty insurer.
  • Scoring customers for attrition risk for a credit card issuer.
  • Analyzing web log data to characterize the differences between registered and unregistered users.
  • Helping data mining software companies improve their products.
  • Providing expert witness testimony and litigation support for law suits involving data mining.

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