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Praise for Mining the Web:

"An important addition to the library of anyone wanting to maximize the value of their customer data."

Herb Edelstein, President, Two Crows Corporation

Books by Our Consultants and Partners

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Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

by Gordon S. Linoff
copyright 2008 by John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-470-09951-8
Data Analysis with SQL and Excel shows business managers and data analysts how to use the relatively simple tools of SQL and Excel to extract useful business information from relational databases. Each chapter explains why and when to perform a particular type of business analysis to obtain a useful business result; how to design and perform the analysis using SQL and Excel; and what the results look like in SQL and Excel. The book is full of examples using real business data. The datasets used in the book are made available on the companion web site so readers can execute the many SQL code examples provided and perform further exploration on their own.

Data Mining Techniques for Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management (Third Edition)

by Gordon S. Linoff and Michael J. A. Berry
copyright 2011 by John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-470-65093-1
The third edition retains the focus of the earlier editions—showing marketing analysts, business managers, and data mining specialists how to harness data mining methods and techniques to solve important business problems.  The authors
do not assume that readers have a background in statistics or computer science. While never sacrificing accuracy for the sake of simplicity, Linoff and Berry present even complex topics in clear, concise English with minimal use of technical jargon or mathematical formulas. Among the techniques newly covered, or covered in greater depth, are linear and logistic regression models, incremental response (uplift) modeling, naïve Bayesian models, table lookup models, similarity models, radial basis function networks, expectation maximization (EM) clustering, and swarm intelligence. Entirely new chapters are devoted to data preparation, derived variables, principal components and other variable reduction techniques, and text mining.
Non-English editions available in French , Japanese , and Traditional Chinese

Mastering Data Mining

by Michael J.A. Berry and Gordon S. Linoff
copyright 2000 by John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-471-33123-6
Non-English editions available in Japanese , Italian , Traditional Chinese , and Simplified Chinese

A case study-based guide to applying data mining techniques for solving practical business problems. These "warts and all" case studies are drawn directly from consulting engagements performed by the authors.

Data Preparation for Data Mining

by Dorian Pyle
copyright 1999 by Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 1-558-60529-0
Written by a former member of our team here at Data Miners, this is the only book we know that seriously addresses the phase of data mining that takes up 80 to 90% of the typical data mining project. A must have.

Business Modeling and Data Mining

by Dorian Pyle
copyright 2003 by Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 1-55860-653-X
Another one by Dorian Pyle, formerly of Data Miners.

Popular Books with Data Miners as Heroes


by Steven Levit and Stephen Dubner
copyright 2006 by William Morrow
ISBN 0061234001
Apparently, to an economist, anyone how analyzes data is an economist. The authors mine some fascinating data on all sorts of things from the fairness of realtors to the income of drug dealers.


by Michael Lewis
copyright 2004 by W. W. Norton
ISBN 0393324818
The story of how data mining helped the 2002 Oakland Athletics win way more than expected by using statistical methods to recruit undervalued players with great potential. Other teams, including the Boston Red Sox, have since picked up on this idea and there is now something of a data mining arms race in the baseball world.

Super Crunchers

by Ian Ayres
copyright 2007 by Bantam Dell
ISBN 0553805401

We wish the author didn't feel he had to make up a silly new term for data mining and data miners, but we forgive him since he turns data mining into a heroic activity that is changing society for the better.


Competing on Analytics

by Thomas Davenport
copyright 2007 by Harvard Business School Press
ISBN 1422103323

Like many business books, this one uses more pages than necessary to make its point, but there are some good examples of data mining's impact on the internal and external business processes at a variety of well-known companies.




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