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Selected Publications

Estimating campaign benefits and modeling lift.
Proceedings, KDD'99,August 15-18, 1999, San Diego, CA, USA
Optimizing confidence of text classification through evolution of symbolic
B. Masand In: Advances in Genetic Programming, Ed. Kinnear, Kim, MIT Press


Brij Masand


Web Usage Analysis and User Profiling

In his 15 years of experience in applying intelligent technologies (e.g. neural networks, decision trees, genetic algorithms, genetic programming) to solving business problems, Brij has created innovative solutions in many verticals including telecommunications, financial services, supply chain management, e-commerce  and intelligent text processing.

Example projects include:

  • Modeling and predicting cellular churn on a national basis for a major wireless provider in more than 20 major markets
  • Modeling repeat visitor behavior for an on-line yellow pages services to identify demographic segments
  • Building an intelligent agent for ranking news by relevance in real time to reduce false alerts
  • A system for detecting concepts and classifying news stories for a major newspaper publisher
  • Detecting interesting changes or deviations in customer data for a major credit card company
  • A machine learning based intelligent agent for financial services used for comparing similar financial instruments.
Brij is regarded as an expert in the areas of text mining and web usage mining and has authored several  research articles on data mining in general.  He has two patents in the area of text mining and 3 more patent applications in progress for intelligent agents in the area of financial services.